Easter Candy-Counting Activity for Kids

Easter Candy-Counting Activity for Kids

Easter is almost here! Between the large amount of eggs and candy we find ourselves with, as well as spring break, we can easily find ways to turn the holiday into a fun math learning lesson for the kids. As a homeschooler, I like to throw in teachable moments even during holidays, without it ever feeling like actual work. There is never a moment that lacks the ability to teach something…You just have to get a little creative 🙂

I was recently contacted by education.com asking if I’d like to share with you an Easter activity that currently appears on their website. Considering it’s a fun way to reinforce math, it’s for kids, and it has to do with candy, I couldn’t say no! The activity is called Candy Counter and centers around counting and tallying. This activity is perfect for any child who needs practice with classification, sorting and categorization as well, and is considered a first-grade lesson on the website.  If you don’t know much about education.com, it is a fantastic resource. You can access it here. They have thousands of educational lessons, worksheets and tools for parents, homeschoolers and afterschool guides. I’m currently a basic member in which I am able to access a limited number of resources for free per month. Premium membership gets you even more. I find it to be a great addition and supplement to my current lesson plan. You’ll definitely want to check it out.

Candy Counter 🍭 

Does your kid have a stash of sweets left over from Easter that’s so massive it seems to rival the candy section at your local corner store? Why not turn that pile of sugary junk food into a learning opportunity? Sorting, counting and categorizing candy has instant appeal to kids. All of those shiny, brightly-colored wrappers and egg hunting memories Easter candy evokes will aid in the learning process. This activity is perfect for children who need practice with everything from counting and classification to description, tallying, and reasoning. Once your kid is all done, he can eat a few pieces as a reward for a job well done!

What You Need:

Bag of candy

What You Do:

  1. Help your child clear off a working space and grab some paper and a pencil.
  2. Dump an ample amount of candy in the middle of the space.
  3. First, have you child count the candy. Have him start by counting by ones, then fives, and then tens. He might want to use tally marks to keep track of how much candy he’s counted.
  4. After he’s finished the counting practice, give your child a little time to decide on three different ways he wants to categorize his candy.
  5. Encourage him to describe to you how he’s decided to categorize.
  6. Help your child write the categories on the piece of paper.
  7. Let him sort and categorize his candy.
  8. Have your child explain his reasoning behind categorizing the candy the way he did.
  9. Finally, have him count, tally and write down how many pieces are in what category.
  10. If time permits, let your child discover new ways to categorize and count his candy.
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