Creating a Vision Board for Kids: Inspiration and Creativity

Creating a Vision Board for Kids: Inspiration and Creativity

A new year is upon us and I welcome 2017 with open arms. This year, finding ways to really inspire my kids is what I’m striving for, which is why I came up with the idea of having my oldest create his own vision board.

Teaching my kids that they can do whatever they set their mind to has always been important to me. To foster self-confidence and self-esteem is number one. Both of my kids have great imaginations and I want to give them the tools to build upon their strengths, focusing on the endless possibilities the future holds. I always teach them that there’s nothing they can’t do.

I’ve been thinking of a vision board for my oldest for a while. I believe establishing goals, no matter how large or small, while using their own creativity, gives kids a chance to feel powerful, strong, and something to strive for. Having a board to look at is an excellent tool to use to help them stay focused on the positive.

More Than Just a Vision Board

Not only is the purpose of this board to visualize goals, it’s also a way kids can express their imagination. With young kids, they may have long-term goals that sound a bit out of reach to us as parents, or even off the wall, but it’s not our job to shatter their goals or dreams. There’s nothing out of reach. There are no rules. Let them steer the ship.

This is also a fun way to really get to know your children. Find out what really interests them, what their dreams are, and what they have their minds focused on.

Inspiration and Creativity

My son is interested in many things. He loves Legos, cars, architecture and is fascinated with Europe, particularly the landmarks. He listed some of his goals and it turns out that he has quite a few long-term goals, which includes owning a toy store and managing his own singing band. However, he said what he wants most is to own an R.V. and to travel to see Big Ben and the Arch of Triumph when he gets older. I’m sure these goals will change which is why I’d like him to make a new board each year, saving each one from one year to the next. For short-term goals, he came up with his own personal objectives for the 2017 school year.

Now that he had an idea of what he wanted on his board, he picked out some magazines…

And stickers…

And here’s his finished project, which is hanging in his room:

How to Make an Inspirational Board

If you’ve done vision boards yourself, you’re familiar with how they work. The same goes for the kids.

First, gather some ideas or their own personal goals for their board:

Do they have a goal they are trying to reach, such as making the soccer team, winning a contest, or finishing a particular book? Is there something they have their eye on that they’re saving their money for? Is there something that makes them really happy? Do they have a dream job in mind? Is there something or someone who inspires them? 

Once they figure out the tune for their board, grab some magazines, scissors, glue, and markers. They can cut out pictures, choose inspiring quotes, write inspiring words that are meaningful, and whatever else they’d like to add! They’ll be making their board their own. Remember, no rules. Most of all, have fun with it❤️ Here’s to ringing in the new year!

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