Motherhood: When You No Longer Care What People Think

Motherhood: When You No Longer Care What People Think

It’s good to care what people think. It helps to keep you in check. But caring too much isn’t good. It holds you back from being yourself and makes you feel like a prisoner to other people’s opinions.

My whole life, I’ve always cared what people think, too much. I’ve relied on other’s opinions to determine how I felt about myself. I knew it needed to change. I read all of the advice I could about how to change but nothing was working. I tried everything but still cared more than I should. Am I good enough? Smart enough? Do I laugh too much? Am I too shy? Too polite? (Yes, at one point I thought I could possibly be too polite. What?!)

I learned that reading all of the advice I could wasn’t the answer. The answer had to come from within. It took years but I had finally accomplished what I set out to do, effortlessly.

I can say time, age and wisdom is what has changed me, but most of all, motherhood has changed me. I had no idea being a mother would allow me to throw other people’s opinions to the wind so easily. It’s no longer about me. I no longer focus on myself. It’s about my family, my husband, my kids, and what they think.

It’s about what I think of myself.

It’s about developing a newfound confidence that reinforces the fact that I’m the best version of myself, and if I’m not the best version of myself in the moment, then I’ll be the one to tell myself to fix it.

It’s about making choices based on what I believe my family needs, not on what society tells me I need to do.

I became myself when I became a mom.

It’s up to me to judge myself and change things I don’t like.

It’s my job to teach my kids to be who they are regardless of what people think, as long as they are the best they can be.

It’s teaching them that it’s not about how people look, talk, or walk. It’s how they treat others that matters the most.

If you care too much about what people think, refocus on what matters. When we allow people’s opinions to affect us, we’re giving them control, control they shouldn’t have. I learned that years ago. I’ve allowed opinions to ruin my spirit in the past. But no longer. I’m a mom whose mission in life is much larger than caring what others think.

I’m stronger, better, confident.

Finally, I’m myself. I’m free.

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