The BIG 4-0: How to Surprise Your Husband with 40 Gifts on his 40th

The BIG 4-0: How to Surprise Your Husband with 40 Gifts on his 40th

Although my husband turns 41 today, he still talks about what I did for his birthday last year. He was really impressed. If you want to give your husband an unforgettable 40th but not sure how to do it keep reading.

The Plan: 40 Gifts

My husband made it clear he didn’t want a surprise party for his 40th birthday, but I wanted to make it special. What else could I do? I could plan an elaborate expensive getaway to another country, but that’s not possible (nor affordable) with two young kids. I could arrange a hot-air-balloon ride for us, but neither of us are particularly fond of heights. How about buying some of his favorite things? Getting closer but that seemed too ordinary.

I heard about 40 gifts. 40 gifts for each year? This is a great idea for any milestone birthday, but it sounded like a lot to me. Can I even find 40 gifts he’d like? I then realized each gift didn’t have to cost a fortune. I decided to get creative with ideas and thought about the things he was interested in or needed. Forty gifts started to sound like the perfect idea. The goal was to give him a memorable birthday without breaking the bank.

The Preparation

I started making a list, 1-40. I first thought of the larger, more expensive items he’d really like or had asked for. They were put on the list first. Then the smaller, less expensive items started coming to mind. At that point, I had filled about half of the list. Losing a bit of steam but not wanting to give up, I got creative and was able to come up with all 40 gifts. (Don’t worry…I’ll list some ideas below.) Knowing I was going to do a scavenger hunt with the gifts, all I could think was how could he not love this?!

I began purchasing one by one, crossing each off my list as I went. I wrapped and hid the gifts as I bought them so he wouldn’t see and made a label for each gift as well, numbering them 1 through 40 for the purposes of the scavenger hunt.

For the hunt, I wrote out riddles for each gift and he had to figure out what and where it was. For example, for socks, you can come up with something like, “These usually end up everywhere but without them your feet will be bare.” He’d know to check the dresser once he figures it out. You definitely don’t have to rhyme but it’s fun if you can. I printed up one sheet of paper with all of the clues on it, numbered 1 through 40, that he carried with him on his search, each number/clue corresponding to the appropriate numbered hidden gift.

Be sure he’s not home when you’re setting up the scavenger hunt. Put all of the numbered gifts in their appropriate spots. Then when you’re ready, call him on home, hand him the sheet of clues, and watch him smile the entire time as he finds them. I can only hope my husband does this for me on my 40th💞

Gift Ideas

As I mentioned above, a little creativity and thought goes a long way. It’s not as hard (or expensive) as you may think to come up with 40 gifts. I even counted his birthday card as a gift, and you can count the cake as well (but don’t wrap that). The new Star Wars movie had just come out at the time so I went with a Star Wars ‘ theme. A theme makes things a bit easier if you can think of one. Keep in mind, you do want to get things he can use versus 40 gifts of junk. And I saved the large gift that he had been wanting for the very last gift.

Below are some of the smaller ideas I came up with that each count as a separate gift that helps fill up those spaces:

  1. Purchase tickets to the movies in advance and print them out for a special date night.
  2. Buy chocolate, popcorn, or snacks. These can go along with the movie tickets for the scavenger hunt although they’re separate gifts. I had my husband hunt for the goodies right after the tickets but they went hand-in-hand, which helps when writing the riddles.
  3. A handcrafted letter about what you love about him.
  4. Coupons for breakfast in bed, a free night out with friends, a day of golf, a gym membership, something he’d like that he rarely gets to do. I gave several coupons to my husband, counting each one separately. For example, I gave a night-out coupon with friends that included a small gift certificate to one of his favorite sports restaurants. (I made the coupons myself easily on the computer.)
  5. Gift certificate to his favorite coffee shop.
  6. Gift certificate to his favorite clothing store.
  7. A special Christmas ornament especially for him.
  8. Cards or drawings made by the kids.
  9. A whole day planned for the family that he’d enjoy.
  10. Something he’d like for the car.
  11. Grooming necessities, new toothbrush, razor, shaving cream.
  12. Socks and underwear.
  13. New coffee mug.
  14. Box of hot chocolate or his favorite Starbucks or Dunkin bagged coffee
  15. Handpicked gifts from the kids.
  16. Pens for work.
  17. New phone cover or phone accessories.
  18. A book covering a topic he’d enjoy such as fatherhood or sports.
  19. An As Seen on TV gift. I actually bought my husband the Holiday Light Saver that I thought may be a bit of a gag gift but turns out he loves it!
  20. A blanket.
  21. A new game for PlayStation, board game, whatever he’s into.
  22. A gift certificate to Home Depot or Lowes.
  23. New winter gloves.
  24. Baseball cap.
  25. Bake a batch of his favorite cookies.

Once you start shopping, you’ll start to see the small items your husband would like. Even taking short trips to Walgreens will result in a few gifts here and there to add. If you start to run out of ideas, add some more coupons or something personal from you. It’s not just about the gifts or money spent but rather the thought you put into it❤️

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