Christmas Trees on Parade

Christmas Trees on Parade

If you enjoy looking at Christmas trees, you’re in luck! Not only will you get to see mine, you’ll also get to see other fabulous trees up-close and personal at the end of this post, so be sure to stick around. I also offer one tip for decorating a tree as well. I want to thank Terri Steffes for hosting this wonderful tree parade. She owns a blog called Christmas Tree Lane, which you can check out here. Normally, the only people that get to see my tree is my family, so I’m really excited to share it with you today🎄

Our Tree

Ever since my husband and I have been together, we’ve always had an artificial tree. It just works for us. Although sometimes I wish we had the scent of a real tree, artificial trees are just easier. Maybe one year we’ll buy the real thing. The thought of picking one out at a tree farm as a family does sound fun. Thankfully, our artificial tree closely resembles a real one. Right now, I’m definitely enjoying less maintenance.

We put our tree in our family room, the coziest room in the house. At night, between the lit mantel and the tree, we don’t need any additional lighting. I absolutely love Christmas time🎄It makes everything brighter and more beautiful.

Everyone’s tree is special to them in some way or another. What makes our tree special to us is that more than half of the tree is filled with personalized ornaments. My mom started a tradition back in 2002 of buying me a personalized ornament every Christmas. At that time, I hadn’t met my husband yet, so the first ornament she bought consisted of my name and the year:

A year later, once my husband entered the picture, I had bought this ornament to celebrate our very first Christmas. It reads, “First Christmas Together, 2003.”

From then on, personalized ornaments took off! My mom created one for each year, encompassing everything from our trip to the Bahamas to major events such as our wedding day and the birth of our children. Here are just a few of the beautiful ornaments she had given to us in year’s past:

I’m so grateful that my mom has started this tradition❤️. Because of her, our tree has become a place to hold many of our wonderful memories. I couldn’t even pick out a favorite if I tried because each one symbolizes a special moment in time. I’ll definitely continue this tradition for my boys.

Adding to our memory-filled gallery of beautiful events comes a special ornament from my mother-in-law from our wedding day:

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to decorate our tree each year because we get to look back at all of these pictures and beautiful moments, memories, and “remember when’s.” Not to mention the ornaments made by the kids are always front-and-center as well:

In addition to our personalized ornaments, my next favorites are the shiny crystal decorations. I love sparkly things and they are gorgeous when the light shines through. I also love my Thomas Kinkade snowmen. Each has a gorgeous Kinkade painting on them.

And…last but not least…since I have a house full of boys, in between it all are ornaments such as our favorite sports’ teams as well as some Star War figurines. I can say with confidence that we have a fairly well-rounded tree, with a little bit of everything.

One Tip for Decorating a Tree

The one tip I have to offer when decorating a tree is to add at least one personalized ornament if you don’t have one already. Something that represents a special moment in your life, whether you make the ornament yourself or have it made by someone else. Not only do personalized ornaments add character to your tree, they also serve as a reminder to how quickly time passes and to enjoy every moment while it lasts💞

Now that you’ve seen my tree, have fun browsing by clicking below. You’ll get to check out other blogger’s beautiful trees as well as some helpful tips. It’s fun to take a peek into other family’s traditions and decorations. Merry Christmas!


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