Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky: Book Review, Launch Event and Curly-Hair Resources

Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky: Book Review, Launch Event and Curly-Hair Resources

When I first heard about this book and its theme, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

About the Book

Curlee Girlee is written by Atara Twersky and illustrated by Karen Wolcott. The book is focused on girls ages 3 to 8; however, girls of all ages and hairstyles will be able to appreciate this book. Considering I have curly hair myself, I totally relate to the main character, Curlee Girlee.

From the inside cover:

Curlee Girlee’s hair makes her mad! She wants it to grow down her back like spaghetti, not sideways and all curly-wirly. Curlee Girlee wants to look like everybody else–and she’ll try anything to solve her problem.

Then one day she discovers that her curly hair is perfect just the way it is. Curlee Girlee doesn’t need to look like everyone else to be beautiful.”

I absolutely love the idea behind this book, to encourage girls to love themselves for who they are and what they look like, even if they view themselves as different.

She {Atara Twersky} was inspired by her own real-life Curlee Girlee to write this book, which she hopes will encourage all little girls to embrace their differences and feel beautiful exactly as they are.”

My Review

I was impressed from the beginning because I haven’t seen a book like this. It is a topic we don’t see discussed often when it comes to young girls. I would have loved to have had a book like this when I was young. It would have encouraged me to embrace my curls more instead of always trying to straighten them. It’s so important for girls to feel comfortable in their own skin without comparing themselves to others.  I do want to note that even though the book is titled Curlee Girlee, the underlying meaning is about much more than curly hair. It’s about loving yourself as you are and feeling beautiful.

The exterior of the book itself is beautiful and the story is adorable. It’s also the perfect length for young children. It’s not too short where the kids are left wanting more and not too long where they become bored. Curly-haired girls will especially appreciate the humor when Curlee tries to get her curly locks to cooperate. All curlee girlees have been there. (Even my kids got a kick out of it and they are both boys, without curly hair.)

The illustrations are amazing, colorful and bright. Your girls will just fall in love with Curlee Girlee and her expressions throughout the book.  The ending is very sweet and may even tug at mom’s heartstrings a bit.

This book would make a great holiday or birthday gift for the young girls in your life, particularly ages 3 to 8, especially those with curls.

If you want to find out more about the book and its author, please visit the website here.

Book Details and Official Launch Event

Curlee Girlee will be released on Amazon on November 15.  You may click here for more details.

The Official Book Launch Event is on Thursday, November 17, from 5 to 7:30 at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC.  Bring the girls you know, daughters, nieces, cousins, neighbors. It’ll be a night of fun! You must RSVP and receive confirmation prior to arriving.

Curly-Hair Resources and Printable

Since we’re on the topic of curly hair, I thought I’d add some resources you may find helpful or fun for your girls with curls:

  1. You can find a list of low-maintenance hairstyles for girls with curly hair here.
  2. Click here for tips on caring for curly-haired kids.
  3. Follow this link for a free coloring page of beautiful Princess Merida with her luscious curly locks and her horse Angus from Disney’s movie Brave. You can either print the page or your child can color online.

{Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book, Curlee Girlee, in exchange for a review. I have received no monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.}

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