25 Acts of Kindness for Kids Throughout the Holidays

25 Acts of Kindness for Kids Throughout the Holidays

Imagine if everyone was kind to one another every day. What a better world it would be.  Being kind to others doesn’t take extraordinary effort. Actually, it doesn’t take any effort at all. If we’re kind to one another, our kids learn from that. Then they carry it with them into adulthood and keep kindness going.

Small acts of kindness each day are important. November is the month of gratitude, but we should still practice random acts of kindness with our kids regularly.

In addition to the tips in my most recent article about teaching kids gratitude during the holidays, such as donating toys, visiting senior centers and animal shelters, I created a list for kids of random acts of kindness they can perform throughout the holiday season, along with a printable below to hang somewhere as a reminder to be kind. This absolutely is not an exhaustive list. They can be as creative as they’d like 🙂

25 Acts of Kindness for Kids

Printable ——> 25-acts-of-kindness-for-kids-holiday-season

1. Tell your siblings and parents what you love about them

2. Call your grandparents and tell them you love them

3. Write and mail a sweet letter to a friend

4. Give hugs just because

5. Smile at everyone you pass

6. Bake cookies for seniors

7.  Volunteer

8. Offer to help the elderly with their bags of groceries

9. Leave a thoughtful note somewhere where someone can pick it up

10. Hold the door longer than usual for those behind you

11. Leave a small gift or thank-you note for the mailman
 or bake cookies for your local fire station

12. Do unexpected jobs around the house

13. Give a friend one of your favorite things

14. Read to a sibling

15. Sit next to a lonely child at school

16. Make a card for someone who isn’t feeling well

17. Draw a beautiful picture for your grandparents

18. Thank your teacher with a note or gift for all that they do

19. Compliment a stranger

20. Make a family member their favorite dessert

21. Make a list of what you’re grateful for.

22. Leave flowers on a friend’s or neighbor’s doorstep wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving.

23. Donate to an animal shelter and pamper your own pet

24. Leave $1 in a wallet for sale at the store for the next person who buys it

25. Give your mom a kiss and thank her❤️

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  • shelahmoss says:

    Teaching children to express kindness is so important. It actually helps them gain confidence. You have some awesome ideas on ways children can be kind.

    • mfred0518@yahoo.com says:

      Yes, you’re so right. It certainly helps with confidence. I’ve noticed changes in myself when I started volunteering. It makes you feel so good to help others and be kind💞

  • Kate says:

    Such a lovely list. We’re going to bake some cookies for the fire station! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is SO nice! I love it!!

  • Deanna says:

    This is such a great post and list. We are working on acts of kindness at our house too. I have been having my daughter come up with some of her own. I love your list and will share it with her. 🙂

    • mfred0518@yahoo.com says:

      I love the idea of your daughter coming up with her own. I asked my son for a few ideas which I added to my list above too 🙂

  • DebbieZ says:

    I love this and I’m definitely pinning it. We try to do something special every year, especially around the holidays.One of our favorite things to do is just to leave a little gift for the mailman. Thank you for the great printable, too!!

    • mfred0518@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you Debbie 🙂 We’re looking forward to visiting a senior center in December💞 I want to leave a card or gift for the mailman too 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the list!

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