“Be the Mom You Want Them to Remember”

“Be the Mom You Want Them to Remember”

When I stumble on a rough parenting day (or days), I like to read, whether it’s a book, random quotes, or personal stories.  It helps to remind me that I’m not alone. We all need to know we’re not alone when we’re having a bad day. It  makes us feel better. Often, I feel like I have the toughest kids in the world…until I read. Reading allows me to gain a new perspective and to realize that others are going through similar challenges. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective to help us see the light.

While reading, I came across the quote, “Be the Mom You Want Them to Remember.”  This quote carries a lot of weight. It can either evoke panic in a mom or inspiration, depending on how you look at it. As moms, we want our children to remember us as playful, attentive, and happy, always responding appropriately. But some days, we may not handle every situation with grace. We just may lose our cool.  Some days, when they defy our every word, we may not feel overly playful or happy.  Some days, we may just resort to shouting even though we try our best not to.  Some days are harder than we could ever imagine they would be.

However, rather than evoke panic, “Be the Mom You Want Them To Remember” inspires me. It inspires me to try even harder. To find ways to stay cool during those difficult moments, to become a better person myself. Nobody is perfect. Perfect parenting doesn’t exist, but you can be imperfect and a fantastic parent at the same time. Sometimes nobody has any of the answers and you just have to do the best you can.

In my previous post, “The Making of a Mom,” I explain that parenting is a process. We learn as we go. Sometimes the journey isn’t easy. We have to make our way through one day at a time.

I want my kids to remember that I’m a mom who isn’t perfect, who doesn’t always have the answers, but who always tries her best. A mom who has emotions and sometimes gets upset but loves them unconditionally. A mom who sometimes has hard days but makes the most of it as much as she can. A mom who is always there and would do anything for them💞




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  • I love that quote. That’s always my goal, but I’m (unfortunately) not always successful, but doing the best I can. 🙂

  • This is an AWESOME post and so true. It’s so hard to lose our tempers, and think behaviors are hopeless. But sometimes all we need is a little perspective.

  • workingmommagic says:

    What a great quote.. I need to remind myself of that sometimes as well!

  • sue parke says:

    I think I needed to read this today! I totally have days where I just have zero patience, and moments where I feel like a bad mom and I worry that what my daughter will remember is me on a bad day. I love your last paragraph, saying you want them to remember that you’re not perfect, and don’t know it all, but that you’re trying your best. And most importantly, that you’re always there for them and would do anything. It’s an important message, and I’m totally going to adopt that. I think it’s important that we teach our kids that none of us our perfect, but what matters are how much we love them and that we’re always there for them.

    • mfred0518 says:

      Sue, I can totally relate. When patience wears thin, it’s hard to come back to where we were, but all we need is a little perspective to see that we can get through it. I think we’re all too hard on ourselves as well. I can tell you are an awesome mom❤️

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