6 Ways Kids Can Make Money This Season

6 Ways Kids Can Make Money This Season

Since my oldest was 5, he’s been asking what he can do to make money around the house. Now that he’s 8, he understands the value of money even more.  At this point, I realize this is a great opportunity to teach him that earning money takes hard work, dedication and commitment. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees!

The past few weeks, he’s been pondering what he can do aside from his household chores to increase his cash flow.  It all started when he had picked out gifts for the entire family on Walmart.com that totaled $120.00. I asked him how he was going to pay for it all. His response was, “How can I make more money?” As his mom, I want to assist with a plan to help him get to his goal. However, I want him to do most of the thinking on his own 🙂 I love the idea of a “kid business plan” after reading this post by Mosswood Connections. Although her plan didn’t turn out as she intended, her son got to experience what it’s like to run a small business at a young age.

My son and I started brainstorming and came up with some great ideas for kids’ jobs in the fall and winter season.  Depending on their age, this list will hopefully help your young entrepreneur with ideas as well. Some jobs may be suited more for an older child and vice versa.

Rake Leaves

Raking leaves is at the top of the list. It’s a job where kids are sure to get customers, and some pretty good cash. All you need to do is come up with a business plan, how much to charge, how many houses can be done (start small), and create a fun name for the service if you choose. Then, create some fliers and pass them out to the neighbors. If the kids are on the young side, they’ll need your help and supervision.

Bake Sale

In the fall, there are so many fairs and festivals at which you can rent a vendor table. This is a great time to help your kids whip up some delicious-looking baked goods and sell them. Decorate them for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving to make them more appealing. If you can’t make it to a festival, you can set up a table outside or even coordinate a community bake-sale event, which would be a lot of fun.

{There are state laws around selling homemade baked goods, so check your state regulations first.}

Hot Cocoa Stand

Unlike the summertime, people aren’t necessarily looking for lemonade but rather something hot to keep them warm. The concept is the same. Set up a stand and even bake some cookies to sell along with it. Get creative! Have marshmallows available, even chocolate syrup. Be sure to tell your neighbors ahead of time so they can be the first there to support you. Actually, a good time to put up your stand just might be after a snow storm when all of the neighbors are outside shoveling and the kids are playing.

{There are state laws around selling homemade baked goods, so check your state regulations first.}

Yard Sale

My son really wants a yard sale. We normally donate toys but I’d love to give him the chance to sell them himself since he’s looking to reach a goal. It’s best to advertise the sale ahead of time unless you live in a very busy area with high traffic. Another good idea to draw customers in is to set up a cupcake and hot cocoa stand the same time as the yard sale. Who can turn down hot cocoa when there’s a chill in the air?☕️ Fall can be tricky for a yard sale depending on where you live, but it can also turn out great. It’s best to do some research prior to choosing a date, such as weather. You can find some tips here and here on holding fall yard sales.

Shovel Snow

In the thick of winter, kids can make some decent money shoveling. Many people hate the cold and snow and would do anything to avoid shoveling. No need for a business plan here. Shoveling sells itself. If there’s enough snow on the ground, time to grab the shovel, dress warm and start knocking. The same with raking leaves, shoveling for young kids can be difficult and they’ll need your help.

(I do have one very important suggestion: If you have a disabled or elderly neighbor, have the kids shovel out of the goodness of their warm hearts for free to show their gratitude and help someone in need💞)


If you have a child who loves beading and art, doesn’t mind hard work, and is looking to “turn a profit,” they can make and sell bracelets or other beautiful crafts. In the fall/winter months, kids spend more time indoors and it’s a great way to spend their time. They can even learn how to make handmade soap by following instructions here. You can always promote their products first to friends and family. If business grows, expand your market 🙂

The End Goal

The end goal isn’t for kids to simply learn how to make money to buy things they want but to appreciate the hard work that goes into it. Motivating them also allows them to use their imagination when it comes to creating their very own “small business” and seeing their plan through from start to finish.

While it’s important to instill “business” values in our children and teach them about monetary gain, it’s also important for us to model compassion. Doing kind things for people in need while asking for nothing in return is also a lesson that’s just as important❤️

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  • Sue Parke says:

    First, I LOVE the message behind this, and that your son is so determined and motivated. I just think it shows he’s a hard worker and wants to earn what he gets in life. I also would love to hire him to come rake my leaves, and perhaps shovel for me this winter lol. And if he’d like to bring the hot chocolate with him, that’d be great! But seriously, GREAT post! You should be proud of yourself and your kids!

    • mfred0518@yahoo.com says:

      ❤️Thank you so much, Sue❤️ That’s so sweet of you to say! He’d be thrillled to have his first rake job…And for sure he’d bring the hot chocolate and cookies and probably cupcakes too lol!

  • Alana says:

    What you’ve articulated as far as why and how kids may want to make money this holiday season is wonderful. I think it’s so generous that your son took the time to go through Walmart.com to think of presents. Also, it says a lot about you that you are instilling in him the values to come up with a plan, learn the value of money, and follow through. Great post with STUNNING pictures!

    • mfred0518@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you Alana for the very kind compliments! ❤️ He’s always been very thoughtful and I love that. He is so motivated to buy those gifts on his own 🙂

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