Fall Tissue-Paper Crafts for Kids

Fall Tissue-Paper Crafts for Kids

I just love this craft. The puffy tissue-paper projects were my absolute favorite crafts to do when I was young and in school. The funny thing is I still enjoy it just as much as an adult! Crafting really makes you feel like a kid again❤️

Yesterday started out rainy, so we decided to take advantage and turn it into a craft day.  I wanted to introduce the boys to my favorite craft as a kid so we headed to A.C. Moore and bought a few supplies. These are the three we made:

It doesn’t take much to make these crafts. It also doesn’t take a lot of precision. These crafts tend to turn out beautiful no matter what.

All you need are a few simple supplies:

  1. Tissue paper (colors depend on which craft you choose. I bought a rainbow assortment.)
  2. Pencil with eraser
  3. Glue
  4. Construction paper, card stock or scrapbooking pages. (I chose scrapbooking pages with plain backgrounds.)
  5. Scissors
  6. Scrapbooking stickers, optionalimage

The Autumn Tree

First, we cut out a trunk for our tree using brown paper. We then glued it to plain light brown scrapbooking paper. Once glued, we lightly drew a circle with a pencil for our tree as our guide for applying the tissue paper. We drew the circle freehand but you can trace a circle using either a small paper plate or the bottom of a small bowl to be more exact. But again, there’s no need for exact precision.

Now comes the fun part! If you’ve never done this tissue-papering craft before, it’s easy.

Cut the tissue paper color you’re using into small squares. (We used red, brown, yellow and orange for the leaves and even green for part of the grass.)

Add some glue to the outline of the lightly drawn circle in the previous step above.

Take the pencil’s eraser and place it in the center of the piece of tissue paper. (You can use two pieces of tissue paper if you’d like. I notice it tends to stick better if you double up versus using a single piece.)

Then fold the tissue paper up completely around the pencil:

And easy enough, press the end of the eraser onto the glue you have added to your tree and release the pencil. They remind me of roses. This is what it’ll look like when starting out:


Continue all the way throughout the tree, scattering colors🍁 Since we love making projects our own, the boys picked out some fall scrapbooking stickers that we added. I think the cute pumpkin sweeping the leaves is a perfect fit🎃

The Puffy Pumpkin

My oldest had a blast with this one. He had the most fun adding the Halloween stickers he picked out.

Again, we freehanded everything but feel free to use a template such as this one from The Taylor House.

Here he is getting ready with glue:

Wrapping the paper around the pencil:

And glueing it down to his pumpkin:

Candy Corn

Last but not least is candy corn. This may be my favorite because the colors are so definitive. It’s just one more idea for a beautiful fall tissue-paper craft. Experiment and have fun. Most of all, get creative with your pictures! There are so many options for the fall and it’s so easy🍁🍂 We plan on making these each season. They make such pretty decorations. They’re also perfect to do on a rainy or snowy day.

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