Kick Off the Fall Season with Fun Crafts🍂

Kick Off the Fall Season with Fun Crafts🍂

Fall doesn’t start until September 22, but it’s my favorite season🍂 It’s usually around this time every year that I’m ready for it. The beautiful colors, delicious sweets, hayrides, S’mores, and pumpkin-spice everything☕️  With all of this also comes an abundance of fun crafts as well.  (For some reason, I’m most crafty during the fall season.)

This weekend we were under the threat of a major tropical storm in our area. So, assuming we’d have to take shelter and remain indoors at some point, I made sure we were prepared by stocking up on food and craft supplies! Fall crafts were the first that came to mind.

I chose two projects.  They’re both really easy, inexpensive, and great for displaying during the season.  Since I have boys, I’m never quite sure which craft they’ll enjoy but they had fun with both of these.


These adorable pumpkins come from  All you need are some pipe cleaners and pony beads. It’s that simple. We bought the supplies from Hobby Lobby but you can get them from any craft store.  This project is especially perfect for young kids.  There are so many developmental benefits of beading.  My youngest really loved this craft.  You can find the instructions here.



This is my personal favorite.  For Christmas in July, my son had made a snow globe in his art class and I absolutely loved it.  I never knew snow globes were so easy to make, so when I saw the maple tree falling leaf globe on we had to make it.  It’s so pretty.

Again, only a few inexpensive supplies needed:

  • Mason jar (We chose the larger size.)
  • Small plastic or foil-like fall leaves (I bought a small bag from the seasonal aisle in Hobby Lobby.)
  • Glycerin (6-ounce bottle)
  • A stick from your yard to use as the tree
  • Water
  • Hot glue gun

(Glycerin may be tough to find but I found it both in my local Walmart and Rite-Aid.  It’s in the health section, usually down the BAND-AID® aisle. I also heard Hobby Lobby may carry it but you’d have to call your local store.)

Just a few easy steps:

  1. Clean out the mason jar with soap and water and make sure it’s dry.
  2. Find the perfect stick in your yard (you’ll have fun with this part).  You may need to trim it down as necessary to ensure it fits inside the jar when it’s time to shut the lid.   Glue the stick to the inside of the mason jar lid like the picture above.
  3. Glue a few leaves to the branches and set it aside to let it dry.
  4. Fill the mason jar with water.  I filled it almost to the top.
  5. Gradually add glycerin to the water and stir.  The amount of glycerin is up to you.  We started small with 2 ounces and would test a leaf out to see how quickly or slowly it fell to the bottom and if we wanted it to fall more slowly, we’d add more glycerin and continue in that manner. (Without glycerin, the leaves will fall quickly to the bottom so adjust the amount as desired.  If you want the leaves to fall more slowly, add more glycerin.)
  6. After the glycerin is mixed with the water, drop as many loose leaves as you’d like into the water. (The leaves glued to the tree will remain intact; only the loose ones will fall.)
  7. Put the lid on, turn it over, and have fun watching the leaves fall!

(Note: We haven’t had our globe long enough yet but I read that the water may turn brownish over time from the stick, so you may not be able to save it year to year.  However, it’s so easy to make that you may want to make one each and every fall season 🙂

Stay tuned for more fun fall crafts as the seasons continues.

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