Taco Pizza: A Delicious Dinner the Kids Can Help With

Taco Pizza: A Delicious Dinner the Kids Can Help With

Exhausted and not in the mood for making a big meal? Does your family love tacos and pizza?  Do you want the kids to help with dinner? This recipe is perfect if you answered yes.  It’s so good that it has become a new favorite in our house.  You’ll love how colorful this dish is too with green onions, red tomatoes, and black olives.  One of the best things about it is that there are just a few simple ingredients.  We try to go organic as much as possible, but for this recipe we went to our local market. We always opt for grass-fed beef, however.


It’s so easy to make, and quick.  My 8-year-old made the entire meal (under my supervision of course) aside from operating the stove and handling the hot pan.  Considering he’s currently working on fractions, cooking is great practice for him to sharpen his skills. His little brother loves to join in on the fun too.  Cooking together is routine in our house and I make sure the kids get in the kitchen with me at least once a week.  In a previous post, “Unconnect to Reconnect,” I had included this link which lists all of the great things kids learn while cooking, and this is an excellent recipe to put the kids to work 🙂

Preparing the crust:

Chopping the green onions:

Putting on the last few touches:


And finally the finished product:

So simple yet so delicious and it’s fun to make 🙂 The ingredient list doesn’t include sour cream but we decided to add it on the side.

You can find the recipe here.


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