Thank you, mommy.

Thank you, mommy.

Brushing your teeth while helping your youngest get dressed, cooking dinner while you’re separating the mail, checking off your grocery list while ensuring your 5-year-old doesn’t bump into others with the cart, watching your favorite television show while folding the laundry are just a few examples of how moms multitask. We’re really good at it. In fact, we are amazing! If motherhood was a paying job, we would get big bucks for all that we accomplish. Using the Mom Salary Wizard, I calculated that I would actually bring home somewhere between $112,000 and $160,000 annually.  (I could stretch that budget a long way!) We’re obviously worth a lot, in a job that’s sure to violate several labor laws. The thing is, we don’t think twice about the things we do for our family. We just do it. We do it for the reward of getting to raise our beautiful children, watch them grow up, and the memories we make together. We do it selflessly out of love, without question.  Being a mom isn’t about monetary gain but rather the emotional benefits.  Actions are important, but when it comes to being a mom words alone are powerful enough.


Here are just a few simple phrases that our children say to us that melt our hearts, especially after a long tough day:

I love you.

You’re the best mom in the world.

You’re so pretty.

I’m sorry.

Mommy, I cleaned my room!

Do you need any help?

I picked this flower just for you.

Thank you.

Precious words that make a world of difference in a mom’s day are worth their weight in gold❤️

What does your child say that makes you smile?

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